Cairo | “Il Grande Torino inspired me this season”

Torino president Urbano Cairo stresses that comparisons must never be made to the tragic “Grande Torino” side that died at Superga 70 years ago, but their legacy has given him inspiration this season.

“Seventy years ago, a group of extraordinary lads died,” the President recounted to La Gazzetta dello Sport. “They were young, beautiful and decent men, and all of this has made sure they have remained immortal.

“The Grande Torino side are incomparable, therefore we must absolutely ensure that we do not compare ourselves to them. However, there is one thing I want to say: this year when we were at the cemetery in Turin, having thought about the team from those five winning seasons, I reflected on the fact that President Ferruccio Novo never sold anyone and each time added one or two players.

“On this occasion, I told myself that we must do the same, to keep absolutely everyone, like I had already done the previous year. And I did just that, adding just a couple of quality finishing touches.

“[Diego] Laxalt and [Simone] Verdi, and that was a €22 million present that I wanted to give to the fans. I’ve never even given my wife a gift as big as that! In this sense, the Grande Torino team gave me a great inspiration.

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