Feature | Ciro Immobile joins the Serie A 100 club with Lazio

When Lazio make their way onto the pitch, one player who truly stands out, inspires and leads them  is Ciro Immobile. Since arriving in 2016, the striker has helped Lazio win a Coppa Italia and SuperCoppa Italiana. Season after season, the forward continues to keep Lazio competitive and win games with his intensity and dedication to the club.  

In the opening match of the 2019/20 Serie A season vs Sampdoria, Immobile reached a milestone, scoring 100 goals in Serie A. It was a great accomplishment for the player. 

Before Ciro Immobile arrived at Lazio, the results were not quite the same as they had been with his previous clubs. During a youth career at Sorrento, he scored 30 goals in his Under 17 season in 2007/08. During that season he impressed observers from Juventus who came to watch the forward.

The young forward was signed by Juventus in 2008 at the age of 18, as recommended by Ciro Ferrara. Most of his time with Juventus, from 2008 – 2012, was a combination of the Primavera Squad, first team and being loaned out. In his time with the Bianconeri, he played three games in Serie A and was loaned to Siena, Grosseto and Pescara which were all in Serie B. In that time, Ciro’s best season was his last with Pescara where he scored 28 goals. 

After his final loan with Pescara expired, he signed with Genoa in 2012 and scored a total of five goals with the Rossoblu.

Following his time with Genoa, Immobile was purchased by Torino in 2013. While his time with the club was short, his true talents were on display and he produced a total of 23 goals. Before his success with Torino, the Italian had failed to score in a Serie A match since December 2012. 

Serie A received a player who was coming into his own form and showing the league what he was capable of doing as a forward. Immobile demonstrated the capability to play anywhere along the front line and that he is very strong with the ball, can make strong runs and exploit spaces. 

However, that wasn’t the case when the Italian left Serie A. Immobile joined Borussia Dortmund of the Bundesliga in 2014 and went to Sevilla the season after. The time spent with both clubs wasn’t as successful as his production had dropped. In the winter transfer window of the 2015/16 season, Immobile returned to Torino as Sevilla loaned him out. 

When his second stint with Torino ended, Lazio decided to purchase the Neapolitan from Sevilla for €10.77 million. Immobile had become a Laziali, joining the Biancocelesti on July 27, 2016. Lazio’s Sporting Director, Igli Tare, should be truly proud of this dead as it has become one of his best during his time with the club. This deal has paid dividends for the Italian club and continues to reward management, as well as, fans of Lazio. 

Since his arrival, the Italian has scored 26 goals in his first season, 41 in his second and 19 in his third season with the club, in all competitions. The Italian continues to show his dominance in his fourth season with Lazio, as the striker has scored 8 goals in all competitions. He has proven to be a true leader and has won many games for the Biancocelesti. The forward has found his home and has made a name for himself.  

Ciro Immobile is the lead man for the squad as he’s the most dependent player on the team when on the pitch. The forward has found his place playing under Simone Inzaghi and his 3-5-2 formation.  Since the start of his coaching career with Lazio, Inzaghi has regularly relied on Immobile as he’s dependable and has shown the ability to beat defenders one on one, receive passes in tight spaces and has the ability to work off a pass to deliver the ball into the back of the net. No matter what, the forward is always working hard to bring Lazio a win. 

The dedication shown by the striker in his first three seasons has been outstanding. Although his season with Torino can’t be disregarded, Lazio is really where his home is and where his career started to take off. Playing for Lazio has allowed Immobile to become the player which many had anticipated while he was in the Primavera and at Torino. He continues to grow and is loved by the fans who appreciate what he has done for the club. 

Thank you Ciro for three great seasons and many more good ones to come.


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