Massimo Cellino on Serie A returning: “I don’t care anymore, let them do what they want.”

Speaking to Brescia-based TV channel Teletutto, transcribed in Gazzetta dello Sport, Massimo Cellino was frank in his critcism of those lookng to resume the current season Serie A season, taking aim particularly at those interested in the financial aspect.

“I don’t care anymore if we return to play or not, let them do what they want. They should stop instrumentalising my words, I’ve always been clear.”

“I don’t care what Merkel or UEFA think. Italy needs to decide on its own, we have no dignity. They better make the decision quickly, because I can’t accept it being contnuously pushed back. It’s as simple as sitting around a table, splitting the burden equally and thinkng about how to resume safely. Instead, nobody is dropping out because this football full of debts has already spent money that it hasn’t received.”

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