Roma general manager slams refereeing calls: “Roma have been damaged.”

Roma general manager Tiago Pinto has slammed some refereeing decisions that have gone against the Giallorossi in the current season under Jose Mourinho.

Pinto spoke to Sky Italia recently and he didn’t just talk about Roma’s loss to Milan yesterday, but also picked out several instances of referees being unfair on the team.

He stated: “We don’t want to hide our flaws and what we need to improve on but Roma, their professionals and their fans deserve respect.

“Milan played a great game and maybe they deserved the victory. All of this that I want to say about refereeing does not serve to hide what may be the weaknesses of Roma, but we cannot hide what happened yesterday and what has happened in these eleven matches, because the refereeing criteria were so different. I can’t understand what we have to convey on the subject to the coach and the players.

“We saw Lorenzo Pellegrini miss the derby for a double yellow card against Udinese, in a situation that I have seen many times in Serie A but I have never seen the same yardstick get applied to others. In the derby, we witnessed a which made it 2-0. In that circumstance, they explained to us that the Var cannot recall the referee and can only do so if there is certainty that a mistake has been made.

“Yesterday against Milan, it is clear that there should be no penalty for Zlatan incident. There is no foul, Ibanez touches the ball and the Var has called the referee to see this situation because there is a clear error and unfortunately another time against Roma the referee made the same choice.

“Even in the last minutes of the match, there is a penalty on Pellegrini for a contact with Kjaer and perhaps, since the referee ignored the previous call on Ibrahimovic, this is why the Var has no longer intervened. But if we think that two weeks ago in the Inter-Juve game, the Var was used for a much lighter contact and assigned a penalty against Inter that changed the result. We are talking again about opposite criteria, where Roma have been damaged.”


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