Cristiano Ronaldo could expose Juventus secret documents

Former Juventus man Cristiano Ronaldo could expose Juventus’ secrets documents in the ongoing false accounting saga.

Fabiana della Valle has reported today that everyone in the ongoing saga is talking about Ronaldo and the secrets documents exchanged between his people and the Bianconeri. 

According to what was reconstructed by the pool of magistrates investigating Juventus’ financial statements from 2019 to 2021, the Portuguese allegedly left Turin without collecting the 19.9 million which the club owed him for the second salary maneuver – that of 2021 (a deferment of some months in the following seasons to deal with the economic damage caused by Covid). Now, however, he could want them back, given that his lawyer filed a request to view the documents in early November.

Now the time is ripe to authorise the release of the documentation concerning CR7, probably also in the hope that a fruitful collaboration can arise between the Portuguese and the investigators. Ronaldo could show up to testify or atleast help in clarifying the mystery which surrounds the secret papers. There is suspicion that Ronaldo may be in possession of the secret documents as well.

Cristiano may have asked for the documents because now he wants to have the amount he deserves. If he were willing to cooperate, he could assist the prosecutor.


Kaustubh Pandey | GIFN


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