Man who stabbed Pablo Mari: “I saw a footballer and I stabbed out of envy”

The man who stabbed Pablo Mari and five others at a hypermarket in Milan has revealed that he did the act out of sheer envy.

Mari was stabbed in the back by the man, who is said to be a mental patient. The defender, currently on loan from Arsenal at Monza, survived and underwent a successful surgery. He is expected to be out for the next two or three months, with there now no danger to his life.

The man has been accused of a murder and two attempted murders and he was subjected to precautionary measures in the psychiatric ward of the San Paolo hospital. 

His name is Andrea Tombolini and he was interrogated during trial recently. The accused stated that he stabbed Mari and the other victims because of envy.

He stated (via La Gazzetta dello Sport): “When I saw that among the people there was a player, I felt envious, because he was fine and I was ill. I then hit him with a knife I had in my hand and I could have stopped there, but I don’t know what came over me and I started hitting other people too.

“If I have to describe a feeling that I had on the occasion, it was that of envy because the people I hit were fine, while I was sick.”



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