Italy goalkeeper Pierluigi Gollini: “To date I don’t see much in the world of football after retirement”

Former Tottenham and Fiorentina goalkeeper Pierluigi Gollini recently gave an interview to Napoli’s official channels where he discussed many topics, including his retirement, as stated by TMW.

A keen musician, Gollini is known for his off-pitch interests. In the interview, he spoke about his keen liking for music and whether it is something he wants to pursue in the future.

The Azzurri goalkeeper said: “Honestly, I don’t think I’ll follow the path of music, but I don’t know if I’ll follow the path of football. To date I don’t see myself much in the world of football when I stop. Music is my passion after football. I have a label, I help some kids to be produced, I will continue to do that if I can.”

He also further spoke about how a footballer who has off-pitch interests is pursued in Italy and how different that is from the United States.

“In Italy there is a lot of prejudice. I hate this thing that from a cultural point of view if one makes music, he cannot be an athlete at certain levels, that certain passions are seen in a negative way. In America it is normal for a basketball or NFL player to do it. Music is an art form, there must be no fear.”

The shot-stopper has spent the last three seasons on loan from his parent club, Atalanta. Over those three seasons, he has only made 23 appearances for his clubs. The lack of game time at Atalanta, Tottenham, Fiorentina and Napoli in the last few years may be what has driven the Italian to think about a premature end to his career.

He has not yet made an appearance for Napoli this season, and sees himself firmly behind Alex Meret in the pecking order. With no real prospects of starting in goal any time soon, and currently nursing a hand injury that will keep him out for another few weeks, it’s no surprise that Gollini is considering an early retirement.

Japtej Ghura | GIFN

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