Napoli coach Rudi Garcia: “When I start a competition, I do it to win”

French tactician Rudi Garcia is ecstatic to commence the upcoming campaign at the helm of Napoli. “The first gift from the president is to be here in Naples. The beautiful thing is ambitions. I thank the fans for their welcome, but also the president and the team for what they have done,” commenced the 59 year-old within his official unveiling.

Following the departure of Luciano Spalletti after his two-year stay on Neapolitan soil, it seemed that the Partenopei were extremely focused on persuading former Spain international coach Luis Enrique to take on the task of defending Napoli’s scudetto after having recently won it for the first time in 33 years.

However, the managerial carousel took an unexpected turn last Thursday as the club officially announced Garcia as the new head coach of the Serie A champions, after recently parting ways with Saudi Arabian outfits Al Nassr.

Signing the bottom line on the contract presented by the Azzurri marks Garcia’s return to the Serie A since his three year stint at Roma, which lasted from 2013-2016.

The Frenchman had quite a pleasant start to the life of the capital as his side won their first ten games of the 2013-2014 campaign and have finished second within that very campaign, obtaining Champions League qualification after a long-awaited three years.

However, despite two consecutive second-place finishes, Rudi Garcia was relieved from his duties at the beginning of 2016 as the Giallorossi were in  a dreadful run form, having only won a single game out of their last ten games across all competitions.

As relayed by La Gazzetta dello Sport, Garcia seems eager to make his second cameo within the Serie A more successful, as the gaffer expressed his determination to win more titles, as well as his enthusiasm to begin working with a very talented group of players:

“Seeing all the flags, I understood how proud Naples is of its boys. Let’s hope we can repeat ourselves. When I start a competition, I do it to win. Is the president talking about the Champions League final? He set the bar very high, but it’s not like I don’t dream too. I’m here to win trophies. Winning the Scudetto 33 years after Maradona was wonderful and I congratulate everyone, but every year Napoli must play in the Champions League and try to achieve successes”.

“I’m interested in the players. Victory must give all of them confidence, but when the withdrawal begins, everything will start from scratch. Without effort, without sweat and without a collective, great results cannot be achieved. The boys have to forget what they did. The confidence gained will serve to remain humble. I saw a team and not just quality individuals – which there are – above all who defended all together. The squad is large, but he reassures me that the president is ambitious and will give me a quality team, so we can continue to entertain the fans.”

“Any coach who arrives on the Napoli bench knows that the task will be difficult, because he has won the scudetto and it will not be easy to repeat himself. I’m not going to revolutionize everything. Let’s see if the squad will resemble last year’s, but it’s not like I’ll put my twist. With the 4-3-3 in Rome I finished second twice and was also in the lead, but elsewhere I also have photos of other systems because a coach has to adapt to the group. For this squad, the 4-3-3 fits like a glove, but I want my players to have an important tactical culture to change and surprise the opponents. I want intelligent players who can win and not just with plan A.”

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