Paul Pogba likely took testosterone supplement on advice of doctor friend

Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba is likely to have taken testosterone on advice from a doctor friend and he took the substance by mistake.

Fabiana della Valle has reported about some details in the situation, stating that the cause of the positive test is a supplement which was administered to the midfielder by a personal doctor, who is a friend of the 30-year-old Juventus man. The supplement was taken in America, where doping rules are different, as compared to the ones in Italy.

According to an initial reconstructions, Pogba told the Juventus doctors yesterday that he had taken substances not agreed upon with the club’s medical staff. Juve were therefore in the dark about everything and now it will be up to the player to demonstrate that he was not intentional in his behaviour and it was only done by mistake.

Pogba’s agent Rafaela Pimenta is already considering the defence and the Frenchman has three days to approve a counter-analysis. If he can’t do that, Juve will request for a termination of his contract.




Kaustubh Pandey | GIFN



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