Secret Cristiano Ronaldo papers found in Juventus records

A copy of secret document detailing extra payments to Cristiano Ronaldo has been found by Italian paper Corriere della Sera.

La Gazzetta dello Sport have published a copy of the document and it is stated that it was found by the police in the office of lawyer Federico Restano (in Turin) on 23 March 2022 during the second search carried out by the deputy prosecutor Marco Gianoglio and his deputies Mario Bendoni and Ciro Santoriello.

It is stated that it is a document that theoritically should not exist. An intercepted call involving Cesare Gabasio (head of the Juventus legal office) and Federico Cherubini had suggested that there was an agreement for the deferred payment of €19.6 million euros as a residual debt that Juve had accrued with the Portuguese before his transfer to Manchester United. 

It is a debt that according to the investigators had never entered in the budget. The paper for investigators arises from the salary maneuver relating to the 2020/2021 season, with the alleged fictitious waiver of monthly payments by some players.

The paper has been signed by Fabio Paratici, now at Tottenham, and it is titled ‘Supplementary Prize Agreement – Supplementary Writing’. The text states: “We follow up on the agreements reached and attach to this document the papers related to the supplementary premium recognized in his [Ronaldo] favor (Supplementary Prize Agreement) and the further supplementary writing of the Supplementary Prize Agreement”.

The document goes on to state that Juventus promised to pay the supplementary commitment by ‘31.07.2021’ and it also states that in case, Ronaldo transffered to another club, a part of the commitment will also be paid. 

It was recently reported that Ronaldo, during his time in England, had refused to answer to over 40 questions that were put forward to him by the Turin prosecutors.



Kaustubh Pandey | GIFN

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