Zlatan Ibrahimovic confirms talks over Milan return

Former Milan striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic has confirmed that he has held talks with Milan over a role at the club.

The Swede had retired from the game at the end of the previous season, bidding a tearful farewell to the sport. But he has been linked with a return to the club in a management capacity, with the Swede expected to be the Rossoneri’s external consultant.

Talks have been held regarding his return to the club and the former striker confirmed it. Zlatan spoke to Sky Italia (via TMW) when he was attending the Grand Prix in Las Vegas and he was asked about the return to his former club and talks with Geoffrey Moncada.

He said: “There are conversations with him. I won’t answer technically because I don’t know how to give an exact timing or even a role, but it can only please a person like, in my role and as a Milan fan, being able to go back to working with Ibrahimovic.”

Zlatan further stated: “Milan? Let’s see, let’s see… let’s talk, let’s talk.”

It has been reported that Ibrahimovic is likely to be an external counsel for RedBird CEO Gerry Cardinale and talks with him have also been held in recent weeks. Paolo Maldini’s exit from Milan has left the club without a figure that connects the management and the squad and the former striker could take over a similar role.





Kaustubh Pandey | GIFN

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