Evra to Cristiano: “If you go to Juve it’s to work hard”

With reports of Cristiano Ronaldo potentially moving to Juventus heating up recently, Patrice Evra took to Instagram to give his thoughts.

In the live video, the former Manchester United and Juventus defender said, “I haven’t spoken to Cristiano about this, but my advice is, if he wants to play to 2050, he has to go to Juve. There is no other team he must join. It’s simple.

I thank Juve, because after Manchester I continued to win and that’s thanks to Juve.

Cristiano, make the right choice. You know how much the Italians love you. But you’re going to have to make sacrifices. If you go to Juve, it’s to work and to work hard. These guys don’t know what a vacation is.

But it’s a choice. Either you want to continue playing to 2050 or just play around bit. What I do know is this. If you go to Juve, you’ll go to the next World Cup as a protagonist.”

Evra and Cristiano Ronaldo were teammates at Manchester United for three seasons, winning the 2007-08 Champions League.

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