Ribery | “We are nothing without our fans”

“I came here because I am so hungry, motivated and I hope to be able to win something in a Viola shirt,” the Frenchman admitted to Corriere Fiorentino.

“When I arrived, seeing how the club was organised, it reminded me of Marseille. Even the mentality of the people, of the fans, how the city lives for Fiorentina and thinks only about football. It’s a city that lives for football. And I like that, it gives me more motivation when I play for the people.

“They always come to the stadium and are always with us. To help us and sing. We are nothing without them. We are a family and we must do things together. When we play, when I leave the stadium and see people, I am happy.

“And when we win you can’t even go out for a drive because it’s too difficult. Of course when I go to a restaurant and the fans are there, it’s a bit tricky, but that’s fine with me. Because I do my job with my heart. When I’m on the pitch I want to to give everything.

“When we lost I was angry. I wanted to let off steam. I was up until half past four. I put on some music, I went on the exercise bike and did a little running and then I was able to sleep.

“Because that’s how it is. You need to send a message to the team. You have to think only about winning, winning, winning. And then it doesn’t matter if you can’t always do it.

“We have to think about one game at a time. I hope that in the end we will have a really good season. Fiorentina is Fiorentina, there is always pressure. This is why it is important to win.

“Even for us, it is more beautiful when there is positivity and we have confidence. But if things go wrong, fear takes over. Because of that I want to help our young players so that they do not end up in a difficult situation.”

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