Carlo Ancelotti on the effects of COVID-19: “We’ll have to scale everything down, starting with football.”

In an interview published in today’s Corriere dello Sport, Everton manager Carlo Ancelotti gave his thoughts on the potential effects COVID-19 will have on football in the future.

“We are all living life the way we’re not used to, and it will profoundly change us. I’m sure of it. We’ll have to scale everything down, starting with football.”

“Today, the priority is our health and limiting transmission. Everything else is secondary – when we start again, when we end, the dates, the promises, the hopes – believe me, it doesn’t matter. The Premier League has imposed a three week holiday on everyone, players, coaches and staff. The initial idea was to start again in May, but that’s out of the question.”

“I hear talk of cutting salaries, or suspension of payments. I think these are ill-timed solutions. Soon the economy will change at every level. Television rights will be worth less. Footballers and managers will earn less. Tickets will be cheaper because people will have less money. Let’s prepare ourselves for a general reduction.”

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