Gasperini ahead of Atalanta’s return to Serie A action: “Through football, we’ll try to give this city the smile it needs.”

In his press conference ahead of his side’s return to action against Sassuolo, Gian Piero Gasperini underlined the importance of playing for the city of Bergamo, an area of Italy particularly hard-hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. The manager also pointed out that given the specific circumstances of the Serie A restart, there is everything left to play for.

“The dimension of what has happened in Bergamo in difficult to heal with a sporting occasion, it’s changed our lives and only in the future will we understand what happened. But still, through football, we’ll try to give this city the smile it needs. It will be a new and strange situation for everyone, but it can also be a return to nomality.”

“All the teams are starting again on equal footing, because it will be difficult to play in the heat every three days. We’ll see who’s best at adapting to it.”

“Nearly the whole team is available, we were in a good position going into the break, but there is everything left to play for, from the Scudetto to the relegation spots, via the Champions League places.”


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