Inter target Nahitan Nandez: “They knew the situation.”

Cagliari midfielder and Inter target Nahitan Nandez has released a statement on his Instagram account, talking about the recent series of actions which saw him miss the club’s friendly against Spanish side Mallorca.

Nandez released statement, claiming that he has made his wishes clear to the Sardinia-based club and he wants the ‘promise’ of a potential move to be upheld by the club. He went on to apologise to the club’s fans for having missed the game, also justifying that the recent hours have been tough for him.

His statement claimed: “Many things have been said over the last few days on my situation at the club. I know perfectly well what happened and immediately told my teammates so that they knew the situation, and they were the first to understand my position.

“You all know the respect and love I have for this jersey and this city. You welcomed me in the best possible way from my first arrival and never stopped supporting me. I will always be grateful to you for that.

“This is why I am writing to apologise to all the Cagliari fans in case they felt that I offended them. The last few hours have been very difficult for me and my intention is just to apologise because I might’ve made a decision that hurt you, but I want you to know that I had no alternatives.

“I was given their word and I want that promise to be maintained, the way I always have done on and off the field. Controversy is no good for anyone, nor does playing this game in the media.

“It was never my intention to lack respect to you fans, but you know how much passion and pride I put into defending this jersey in every moment, even when I had family problems.

“It has been a very tough year, with many personal difficulties and the only thing that I really care about right now is being clear with my teammates and fans, who always showed me their affection.”

The Cagliari management are said to be angry about the midfielder’s conduct pertaining to the Mallorca friendly and there has been talk of a possible fine.


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