Juventus punishment could range from fine to expulsion

Juventus’ potential punishment in the case for false accounting of transfer funds has been detailed by La Gazzetta dello Sport today.

The outlet go into the deeper legal codes of the legislative rule books, claiming that the case of false accounting is illustrated in 2621 and 2622 of the Civil Code, and of the legislative decree 74/2000. The report claims that sports judges are given a great deal of discretion.

If we remain on the level of ‘providing false, reticent or partial information’ or implementing ‘behavior in any case aimed at evading federal regulations in management and economic matters’, some sort of fine could be imposed on the club.

Far more serious is the punishment provided for by another jurisdiction for the case, which concerns the behavior of ‘those who try to obtain registration in a competition to which they could not have been admitted’. In such a case, the club could be subject to a points deduction or expulsion from the league.

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