Maurizio Sarri is unveiled as Lazio boss: “This club can bring out the best in me.”

In his first press conference as Lazio manager, Maurizio Sarri discussed the reasons for his arrival at the Biancocelesti, a potential rivalry with Roma manager José Mourinho, and how he will have the squad adapt to his tactics. The former Napoli, Chelsea and Juventus boss also discussed the club’s potential transfer dealings, as well as attacking midfielder Luis Alberto’s no-show in training on Thursday.

On why he decided to join:

“The first reason why I’m here is from a personal perspective, this club can bring out the best in me. The second is a sporting one, as I see in this team the means to do what I like to. Lazio has arrived at a time when I needed this kind of club, with these characteristics, that led me to do this job in the way that’s most adapted to me.”

On the transfer market:

“I’ve made a list of roles with the director in order to play a football that’s different to past style, so far we’ve looked mroe at roles than specific names. It’ll be a different transfer market for everyone. Obviously I’d like to start tomorrow morning with a definitive list of players, but I know that in football things aren’t easy right now, we need to be prepared for any solution.”

On Luis Alberto’s absence from training yesterday:

“He hasn’t responded to a call-up, it’s an issue for the club from a managerial point of view. From a moral point of view, I expect him to speak to me and with the team to explain his reasons. I don’t see him in a role in front of the defence, he needs to express his quality in the final thirty metres.”

On José Mourinho managing Roma:

“I don’t see any rivalry with Mourinho; I’ve met him, he’s a great person who seems very nice. He’s won more and has a higher pedigree than me. We’ll do everything we can to win the derby.”

On how the squad will adapt to his tactics:

“A four-man defence is ideal for my tactics, I don’t have the patience to wait for the opponents so I prefer to catch them high up. The wing-backs will begin a new challenge, Lazzari has told me that he’s ready to play in a back four. Marušić has the legs for it, he can play in a back four without any issues.”

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