Plea bargain and fine is the most probable Juventus punishment

A plea bargain and a certain amount of fine is the most probable punishment for Juventus in the capital gains case.

La Stampa have claimed that the authorities will look at two cases to draw comparisons – the Chievo case in 2018 when they were handed a three -point penalty and the cases involving Inter and Milan, who were fined €90,000 in 2008.

Out of those two, the report claims, the second one is more likelier in Juve’s case. That is because both Inter and Milan had also faced cases about their capital gains but it is expected that in Juve’s case, the fine would be much higher than just €90,000. 

The federal investigators, however, are waiting for the papers from the Turin prosecutor’s office to be able to proceed. The file has already been open since October, now it can be fully integrated.

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