Al-Nassr increasingly optimistic about Cristiano Ronaldo signing

Al-Nassr are said to be increasingly optimistic about signing Cristiano Ronaldo soon.

La Repubblica have reported about the striker, stating that senior executives of Al-Nassr have been in Qatar recently and their optmism has risen since they realised that Ronaldo’s Portugal were knocked out of the World Cup. They believe that the disappointment in the tournament can convince Ronaldo into joining the club which is not in Europe.

Al-Nassr’s offer will be of $200 million per season and that includes advertising rights. Mohammed bin Salman is said to be personally pushing the deal as well, as he believes that it would do wonders for the image of the country in the global eyes. 

Ronaldo though, hasn’t fully guaranteed his arrival. Heading to Sporting Lisbon would make sure that he has to reduce his salary demand by about ten times, but no Champions League teams want him right now. The MLS might be of interest to him but legal issues around the rape case will complicate any move like that.


Kaustubh Pandey | GIFN

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