Cristiano Ronaldo’s finances were hidden by Juventus as part of money laundering scandal

Juventus had hidden the finances around Cristiano Ronaldo as part of their money laundering and financial irregularities scandal.

Fabiana della Valle has reported about the Bianconeri’s legal case involving financial irregularities, stating that Ronaldo’s secret finances were valued at about €20 million but those figures were not included by the Bianconeri in their financial books, as the club falsified those numbers.

According to the pool of magistrates of Turin, Juve rigged the 2018, 2019 and 2020 financial statements with €115 million artificial capital gains, to hide ‘the erosion of the share capital’ and to ‘unduly continue the trading’ of the stock on the stock exchange.

The club had sent ficititious invoices to major football agencies and had made a private agreement with Ronaldo through a document which suggests that the Old Lady paid about €20 million even in the event of his exit to Manchester United. This is a figure that was not accounted for in the club’s financial statements.



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