How to follow the Italian Serie A as an international fan – see some interesting tips

As fans of Italian football, we all know and love the Serie A. Through the years, the league has brought us golden moments from big, recognizable names such as Paolo Maldini, Andrea Pirlo, Francesco Totti, one of the best goalkeepers in the world, Gianluigi Buffon, and many more – and who knows what the future has in store for us.

Following the players and teams of the Serie A not only makes for exhilarating entertainment. It’s also an excellent way to get to know your favorite game better and make a little money at the same time. If you’re already interested in European football and Champions League, following and betting on the Serie A will give you an even deeper understanding of the game and how much is actually riding on each and every match. Read on to learn how to best follow developments in the league and potentially make money on it yourself.


Where to keep up with the Italian Serie A

There are many places that allow you to stay up to date. But unless you’re based in Italy, you’ll most likely run into one particular problem: the language. If you don’t speak Italian, you might find it hard to even find information surrounding the games. This is why it’s even more important to find a site that delivers the latest news in English.

Luckily, that’s just what we offer. Here on the site, you can find everything about the games, teams and transfers in the Serie A. Getting the latest news about all the players and games will very likely be in your interest. If you wish to stay up-to-date, you need to know if a key player e.g. gets injured before an important match.

By knowing what’s going on in the different European leagues, you give yourself an advantage when predicting match outcomes for bets – which is where you’ll have the biggest chance of making money off of the Serie A yourself.


Betting on Serie A

If you wish to make money from your interest in football, betting on the matches and the outcomes of the leagues is the thing to do. Betting can be done on many different platforms, but some offer much better odds and more safety than others.

A well-known and safe site is of course, which you’ve probably already heard of. The site offers bets on all matches in the Italian Serie A, but also on many other leagues and championships. If you’re into other sports, you can also bet on these on this site. Having all your bets together in one place makes checking in on them much easier.

To make money from betting, you need to know what you’re doing at all times. Make sure you set a spending limit and follow it – no exceptions. Betting is risky, so don’t ever bet more than you’re willing to lose. When making a bet, increase your chances of winning by doing your research, and never make bets in a rush.

If you ever find yourself struggling with spending too much, or if you suspect you’re getting addicted to betting, make sure to seek help. Betting can be fun, but make sure it doesn’t end up controlling your life.

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