Lionel Messi scared after Paulo Dybala and Ángel Di María injuries ahead of World Cup

Juventus winger Ángel Di María and Roma playmaker Paulo Dybala have had a fair share of injuries ahead of the World Cup, which has jeopardised their imminent future with the Argentine national team. Argentina captain Lionel Messi, however, believes that there is time for both of them to recover in time and represent the South American nation in the Qatar World Cup.

Speaking to Direct TV Sports, Lionel Messi shared his concern about injuries. As quoted by Forza Roma, the former Barcelona man said:

It will be a different World Cup, it will be played in a different period than in the past. Any little thing can throw you out. But I think you shouldn’t play thinking about injuries, it can be counterproductive. The best thing is to work normally and play as always. It is the best way.

He continued:

“Injuries are a concern. On a personal level, we are already worried. Then seeing what happened to Dybala and Di Maria scares you even more. I hope they recover, I think they have plenty of time to recover and finish well.”

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