Milan owners willing to make new San Siro without Inter

Investcorp are on the brink of acquiring the ownership of Milan, with plans for making a new stadium without Inter’s participation gathering momentum.

According to a report from La Gazzetta dello Sport, the executive president of Investcorp, Mohammed Alardhi, is keen on bringing Milan back to the pinnacle of European glory. The report suggests that Alardhi will show his ambition for the club by improving it on and off the field.

His plans include building a new San Siro without the participation of Inter in the project. They want to build the stadium alone, potentially engineering a way for them to enjoy a lot more revenue from the new stadium.

Over the last few years, the Elliot management has revived the club. But under the stewardship of the Bahrain-based firm, the Rossoneri will be led to reach new heights, as per the report.

The said takeover would cost Investcorp a staggering amount of €1.18billion. In return for the capital, Alardhi’s firm would receive 99.93% of Milan’s total ownership. Other private investors will hold the remaining 0.07% of the shares.

Jyotirmoy Halder

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