Napoli’s Aurelio de Laurentiis slams AFCON: “I won’t buy African players anymore”

Napoli president Aurelio de Laurentiis has stated that he will not buy African players anymore because of the AFCON.

De Laurentiis had a rather candid chat at the Wall Street Italia show (via La Gazzetta dello Sport) on football economy and the basis of his talk was the Partenopei’s finances in recent years.

He revealed that Napoli have lost €200 million in the last two years and authorities such as FIFA and UEFA don’t care about Financial Fair Play. De Laurentiis also slammed the way current football fixtures are scheduled and called for a league involving all the top five leagues.

He also spoke about African players and their involvement in the AFCON and stated: “Enough of African players, or they should give up playing the African Cup. I won’t buy any more of them for this reason. We pay the salaries to send them around to play for the world in the middle of the league championship”.

De Laurentiis also went on to speak about the idea of the European Super League, criticising the format bcause it was an ‘invitational only’ tournament and catered to ‘privileged’ football clubs in Europe only.



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