Assessing Paul Pogba’s defence strategy in doping case

Paul Pogba now finds himself in trouble, as he failed a B test in the testosterone case and he is now at risk of a ban from the game, after also initially testing positive for testosterone earlier in August following Juventus’ Serie A game against Udinese.

The ball is now in the legal hands, but Pogba and his lawyers would now have to plan a defence to make sure that the punishment warranted to the Frenchman is as limited as possible and the damage done to his future is reduced. Corriere della Sera have written in detail about what can happen in the future, how the case can proceed and the sort of defence that Pogba’s lawyers can have.

A report of the failed B test has been sent to the Anti-Doping Prosecutor’s Office at the Stadio Olimpico and the midfielder is now expected to be summoned by Prosecutor Laviani very quick. Pogba will have a say in deciding the defence.

One of the defence strategies could be that Pogba’s team could chose to bypass the Italian anti-doping authorities and seek proceedings in front of the CAS of Lausanne. But for now, the case doesn’t meet the conditions for Pogba’s team to do that and the CAS can only act as a plea bargain. 

If Pogba proves that he didn’t take the testosterone supplement intentionally, the ban can reduce from four years and it is stated that having a two-year ban can be considered a luxury in the current case.





Kaustubh Pandey | GIFN

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