Charting potential outcomes of the Paul Pogba case

Juventus’ Paul Pogba has time till today to request for a counter-analysis in the doping case and there are currently four possibilities that can play out.

La Gazzetta dello Sport today have detailed and laid out what can happen in the saga, stating that there is a possibility that Pogba and his entourage decide to give up and trust the methods in place to find a suitable arrangement for the player’s future.

After the outcome of the counter-analysis, the judicial front will come into play. The player will soon be questioned by the authorities and a violation can lead to a four-year ban. If he can prove that the consumption was not intentional, it could lead to a two-year ban. From there on, it can be reduced as it has happened for multiple players on the basis of mitigating factors.

But if Pogba accepts the potential violation and doesn’t contest it, the ban could last three years. But if the Frenchman seeks a plea bargain, the ball would be in the court of WADA.

Then, there is also the possibility of a legal clash. It could involve the Italian Anti-Doping Tribunal or the international doping bodies. But as of now, a lot of things depend on how Pogba’s entourage respond.




Kaustubh Pandey | GIFN

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