How Carlo Ancelotti’s relationship with Rino Gattuso broke down

Carlo Ancelotti’s Real Madrid did manage to oust Rino Gattuso’s Valencia in the Supercopa de España yesterday but what followed was a rather cold and distant hug at the end of the game. It is a farcry from the times when the two, together at Milan, made history together in one of the greatest football teams in the post-2000s era.

Corriere della Sera have shed some light on the situation of the two, detailing how their relationship hit a snag when Gattuso became the Napoli manager following Ancelotti’s exit.

When Aurelio de Laurentiis was looking to sack Ancelotti back in 2019 and was looking for options despite their Champions League progress, the Napoli CEO held initial talks with Gattuso about taking over the Partenopei. Ancelotti, in the meantime, heard of the rumour and dropped a text to Gattuso about whether the rumours were true.

Gattuso responded: “No, I would tell you if it were the case.”

Days later, Ancelotti was sacked by Napoli despite their 4-0 win over Genk in the Champions League and some days later, Gattuso was announced as the manager. But Ancelotti’s phone never rang and Gattuso, despite his prior promise, never told Don Carlo about his upcoming appointment.

When Ancelotti is clearing his locker at the Castel Volturno for the final time, Gattuso and his staff had arrived at the same time. But both avoided eye contact and never spoke to each other despite passing by each other.



Kaustubh Pandey | GIFN


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