Juventus’ Paul Pogba has three days for counter-analysis in doping case

Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba currently has three days to respond to the positive testosterone test.

The Frenchman has been suspended for the time being and that has been confirmed by Juventus, as test results emerged yesterday and even caught the midfielder by surprise. The player will miss a fair amount of games for the club and there is risk of a major ban, if he can’t prove the tests to be wrong.

Sky Italia today have provided some details about the situation of the midfielder, who was not allowed to enter Juventus’ training facilities at the Continassa today. This process provides Pogba the time to produce a counter-analysis to prove the tests wrong.

It is said that he has three days for the counter-analysis but it will be carried out within seven days of the player’s request to do so. So essentially, Pogba has three days to reveal when confirm as to when the counter-analysis will be carried out and the process will be completed in the seven days following that. 




Kaustubh Pandey | GIFN

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