Juventus’ permanent signing of Arek Milik in doubt

There are now increasing doubts about whether Juventus will sign striker Arek Milik permanently from Marseille or not.

Nicola Balice has reported that while Milik was convincing everyone at the club at one point this season, the Bianconeri now seem to have second thoughts because of his injuries and form. Currently, Juve have the option to buy the Pole permanently for €7 million and they are considering whether to execute it.

This does not mean that Milik will definitely not be signed permanently. The meeting regarding the permanent signing will be postponed and Juve will push forward their final decision from the end of April to early June. By the end of the season, any doubts about Milik will either be re-established or they will be swept away. Even if Milik wants to stay at the club and Juve would want to sign permanently, they want to see more from him and that will guarantee the permanent signing.



Kaustubh Pandey | GIFN

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