Milan advancing in new contract talks for Francesco Camarda

Milan are said to be advancing in contract talks for youngster Francesco Camarda, who made a debut for the club recently.

The young Italian made history recently, becoming the youngest player in Serie A history at the age of 15. He can’t sign a professional contract till he turns 16 and the forward has been linked with a host of clubs across Europe.

Daniele Longo has reported that the appointment for talks involving a new deal is set for the 10th of March, one day after Camarda turns 16. Milan are hoping that they seal a professional deal for Camarda on that very day and the likelihood is that a three-year deal will be offered to the player.

Milan are calm about the situation, especially since Camarda is not interested in listening to any other offers or potential interest in him. He believes that Milan present the best choice for the future of his career and he hopes to go step by step. 





Kaustubh Pandey | GIFN

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