Milan and Inter could have separate stadiums, confirms Gerry Cardinale

RedBird founder Gerry Cardinale has confirmed the possibility of Milan and Inter having their own separate stadiums in the near future.

There has been constant talk about whether the two Milan sides will play in the same stadium or not, with the Rossoneri having chosen the La Maura area to build their new stadium and having it for themselves. Cardinale recently held meetings with city Mayor Giuseppe Sala and Lombardy Governor Attilio Fontana for the new stadium projects.

Inter are already aware of the fact that Milan are considering having a stadium of their own. Cardinale though, recently spoke at ‘The Business of Football Summit’ organized by the Financial Times (via Sky Italia) and he gave his details views about the situation of the stadiums.

He stated: “I am a great supporter of being independent, but at the moment there is nothing that we exclude regardless. But I think Inter are currently thinking about what will be their future and we focus on ours, and what can be the best solution for us.”

He also spoke about Milan’s stadium and their plans for the future, stating: “We are trying to understand it together with the Municipality of Milan and the Lombardy Region. I have to give credit to LeBron James who told me that a piece was missing from my vision and that is culture.

“In the USA, culture is ‘urban’. In Italy, it is ‘fashion’. San Siro was built in 1926 and renovated over the years. We want Milan and Serie A to return to the top levels , where I believe they deserve to be. And to get back to the top you need infrastructure. I want to give our fans a top product. We’ll see if we can find the right opportunity. However, it must work for the fans, for the administration of the Municipality of Milan and for the Lombardy region, for Serie A, as well as for us.”

Initially, plans were underway for both the Milan sides to have a new San Siro where they would have played together but the situation has now become a political hotbed, with a blame-game ensuing between the city mayor, governor and commissioners.



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