Municipality of Naples asks to postpone Napoli’s Serie A clash against Salernitana

The Municipality of Naples has asked to postpone Napoli’s upcoming Serie A clash against Salernitana to Sunday, in an attempt to make sure that fans can get to celebrate the Scudetto in the Maradona Stadium itself.

La Gazzetta dello Sport have reported that the Municipality of Naples has written to Lega Serie A about the postponement, since Napoli play against Salernitana on Saturday but only Lazio’s game against Inter on Sunday will determine whether they win the Scudetto next week or not. To make sure that this does not happen and fans get to celebrate the Scudetto win at the Maradona Stadium itself, the Municipality wants to make sure that the game against Salernitana is played on Sunday.

The problem that Napoli will face with this fixture rescheduling is that they face Udinese in Gameweek 33 on Tuesday and it is necessary for teams to have a break of 72 hours. If the Scudetto isn’t sealed at the weekend, it could potentially be sealed against Udinese in mid-week.




Kaustubh Pandey | GIFN

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