Napoli in contact with former Spain boss Luis Enrique

Napoli have now been in contact with Luis Enrique as they attempt to make the Spaniard their next manager once Luciano Spalletti departs.

The Italian has already decided to leave the club once the season ends and Napoli have a host of names on their shortlist. It was reported recently that initial contact has been made with Antonio Conte, who would be interested in the role.

Alfredo Pedulla has now reported that contact has been made with ex-Spain boss Luis Enrique as well, confirming that the contacts are real and concrete. Walter Sabatini’s involvement has proven to be a hook for the contacts, with the ex-Roma sporting director using his contacts close to Napoli.

There are no agreements or offers made so far but a meeting could take place soon. Luis Enrique is willing to talk to Napoli about their project but it is key to note the difference between him being willing to speak to the club and being keen on joining. He is currently at the former stage.

The Spaniard did have a meeting with Atletico Madrid not too long ago but it was rather brief, as Diego Simeone seemed to be staying. There was contact with Chelsea but Enrique was not impressed with the project on offer and their managerial policies. In Napoli’s case, there is a need to be patient.





Kaustubh Pandey | GIFN

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