Paul Pogba at risk of Juventus contract termination

Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba could be at risk of having his contract terminated, if he can’t prove that he didn’t take testosterone.

Pogba was tested positive for testosterone after Juve’s Serie A game against Udinese last month and Juventus confirmed yesterday that he has temporarily been suspended, after Italy’s Anti-Doping body wrote to the club once the test results became official.

Pogba now has to produce a counter-analysis to prove that the test results aren’t true, or he is at risk of a ban from the game. Fabiana della Valle now states that Pogba will be at risk of having his Juve contract terminated, if he can’t prove his innocence in the case.

Juve believe that Pogba did nothing wrong and they remain calm about the situation. But there is a small hint of irritation at the club about the midfielder’s situation because they have trusted him for so long despite all the injuries. They want to wait before making their decision, but they would see a failure to prove the test wrong as a case of Pogba letting the club down after all the trust they put in him. 

The club consider doping to be a very serious matter and if Pogba is proven guilty, his contract will be terminated.





Kaustubh Pandey | GIFN

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