Paulo Dybala’s lawyers to sue Juventus amidst €50 million loss

Paulo Dybala might sue Juventus for outstanding payment and the news has been reported by Il Corriere della Sera, mentioning the testimony given on Febrauary 28th by Luca Ferrari, Dybala’s lawyer, as part of the Prisma investigation.

Ferrari stated the Dybala, who signed with Roma last summer as a free agent, could prepare a legal action against Juventus as the Bianconeri still owe him €3 million as part of the salary manoeuvre operated by the club in April 2021 .

At that time, Juventus made a deal with 17 of their players for a manoeuvre that allowed the club to split four monthly salaries over a longer period. If a player was due to leave, then he would have received that money as an exit incentive.

During his testimony Ferrari has also revealed that Juventus and Dybala reached a deal for a new contract in 2021 and in one of the mails acquired by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, Ferrari detailed the numbers of that deal: a little less than €70 million gross in five years.

The agreement was never ratified as Dybala’s agent, Jorge Antun, at the time was not registered as an agent in Italy. Juventus then decided to sign Dusan Vlahović from Fiorentina and did not renew Dybala’s contract.

This has costed Dybala almost €50 million gross, the difference between the total amount he would have received by signing with Juventus and the total amount he will receive from Roma as part of the three-year deal he signed with the Giallorossi.


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