Results of Paul Pogba’s doping appeal expected to arrive tomorrrow

Paul Pogba’s fate around his doping case will be determined tomorrow, with the results of the counter-analysis expected to arrive soon.

Fabiana della Valle has reported about the situation of the Frenchman, who is waiting to understand his future at Juventus. The midfielder, his lawyers and experts will be present at the Acqua Acetosa Olympic laboratory in Rome today.

Pogba’s urine sample is already stored in -20 degrees at the FMSI labs in Rome. Initially, the presence of the testosterone will be looked at and then a more in-depth scanning of the sample will be carried out, with the result expected to be finally revealed by tomorrow evening.

The possibility that the counter-analysis will disprove the positive doping test is quite low. Testosterone is one of the most easily detectable substances through a process called gas chromatography. Once the positivity is confirmed, the case will be opened to the sports judicial bodies. 

During the initial period of investigation, Pogba will be able to defend himself using briefs. His lawyers will try to make sure that his actions were not intentional and that will reduce the potential ban to two years.





Kaustubh Pandey | GIFN

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