Sandro Tonali and Nicolo Zaniolo reveal poker and blackjack gambling

Aston Villa’s Nicolo Zaniolo and Newcastle United’s Sandro Tonali have confessed to the fact that they did play poker and blackjack, distancing themselves from any sports betting.

Yesterday, the Italy duo was questioned by the police in the illegal betting case after Nicolo Fagioli was also questioned by the Prosecutor, with the Juventus man revealing connections with players following a thorough search of his phone.

La Repubblica have now revealed some details about the situations of Zaniolo and Tonali, stating that the two players were not immediately questioned by the police after they left Italy training. Instead, they were grilled by their family and agents, so that they could know a potential defence in the case.

Zaniolo, almost in tears, had revealed that they had played games of poker and blackjack. Tonali admitted to the same but both the players distanced themselves from sports betting. They admitted to being friends with Fagioli, with whom chats suggest that they did indeed indulge in betting.

Having said that, police are yet to have concrete proof of the fact that they did indulge in sports betting. Betting flows, payment methods and VPNs are being investigated to know more about it.





Kaustubh Pandey | GIFN

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