Sandro Tonali pushed out of Milan by club higher-ups

Sandro Tonali didn’t want to leave Milan but the Rossoneri higher-ups pushed him out of the club, leaving him in tears.

La Repubblica today have provided some details about Tonali’s exit to Newcastle United. They state that Tonali wanted to play for Milan throughout his career and wasn’t thinking about anything else. Recently, the club’s higher-ups informed him that they need to sell him to earn €80 million from his sale and the Italian broke down in tears. The report does mention further that the money on offer from Newcastle United did help Tonali to ‘dry his eyes’ and convinced him about his next destination.

Until a few days ago, he only had Milan in mind and even when training with his Italy Under-21s side, he had only the Rossoneri in mind. He had no thoughts about leaving the club and playing in England.

Geoffrey Moncada had a telephonic conversation with the midfielder, who was then at the Italy Under-21s retreat in Romania. It was made clear to him that if he didn’t accept the sale, his contract renewal beyond 2027 would not happen. This convinced Tonali that he isn’t wanted at the club anymore.

It is stated that while the common narrative is that everyone is happy with the move, that isn’t actually the case because there is a feeling that Tonali has essentially been forced out.




Kaustubh Pandey | GIFN


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