Spezia’s Emanuel Gyasi urged fans to stop racist abuse against Torino boss Ivan Jurić

Torino boss Ivan Jurić was racially abused by a section of the Spezia fans and Aquilotti skipper Emanuel Gyasi had asked the fans to stop racially abusing the Il Toro boss.

Torino had picked up a 4-0 win at the Alberto Picco but during the stoppage time of the first half, some fans behind the team benches racially abused Jurić, who informed the fourth official about it. The play was then stopped for some minutes and a warning was issued through the loudspeaker system at the stadium.

During this time, Gyasi went over to the supporters and urged them to stop the racial abuse. After the game, Juric spoke about the situation and stated that only he was racially abused for his Croatian heritage.

“One thinks about not reacting so as not to cause a mess, but after a while it becomes unpleasant. You don’t feel well, both the prosecution and the referee reacted and things calmed down. It’s an unfortunate thing, sometimes we see exaggerated reactions but we have to understand why you’re badly offended.”

Not too long ago, Juventus’ Dusan Vlahovic was racially abused by Atalanta fans and before that, Jose Mourinho had urged Roma fans to stop the racial abuse directed at Sampdoria boss Dejan Stankovic, who had played under the Portuguese during his time at Inter.




Kaustubh Pandey | GIFN


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