Decision in Francesco Acerbi’s racism case to be announced next week

Inter defender Francesco Acerbi finds himself in the middle of a racism scandal in the Serie A and the decision could be announced next week.

Acerbi has denied making any racial remarks against Juan Jesus, but the Brazilian has mentioned in an Instagram post that racial remarks were indeed made. Acerbi has, in his defence, stated that Jesus only misheard what the Italian had initially said.

Sky Italia state that the investigations will be concluded by the end of this week. While timings are tight, but the decision about the case will be announced next week and all evidence will be assessed. The goal is to announce the decision before the restart of the Serie A next weekend.

If Acerbi is found guilty of the racial offence, he will be suspended for ten games or he will handed a fixed term suspension. While assessing the video, the authorities have found one video which is raising suspicion. In the video, Acerbi goes down and while getting up, he says something to Jesus when the defender is right next to him. Jesus shoves and pushes him with the shoulder. Before play resumes, the Italian makes a ‘no gesture’ to Jesus with his raised arm.





Kaustubh Pandey | GIFN

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