Inter one step away from Oaktree takeover


American fund Oaktree is one step away from taking over at Inter, with Suning seemingly set to lose control of the Nerazzurri.

Suning are now struggling to pay back Oaktree’s debt and they seem to have failed to come up with a plan to increase the time frame. Corriere della Sera state that Oaktree are now one step away from taking over the Nerazzurri, with Suning’s time now likely up.

It is stated that while it is unknown what story is true, when it comes to Inter’s failure to strike a deal with Pimco, time is now definitely running out. Unless Suning find a last minute financer from China, they will lose control of the club. With every passing hour, Oaktree are getting closer to the takeover and they seem unwilling to make any discounts or changes to the agreement.

Oaktree are determined to keep the Inter management at the club and they will not sell the club further. It seems likely that they will manage the club and make sure that their accounts are in a better situation and the value of the club rises before sending the club later on. 





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