Juventus’ Coppa Italia success is a testament to Massimiliano Allegri’s genius

Juventus were on the brink of getting lost in the pages of Italian football history when braving all odds, they resurrected and clinched an unpredictable triumph. The Bianconeri’s 9-season Scudetto-winning streak came to an end three years back and since then, the club has undergone challenging times plagued by numerous legal proceedings and mismanagement of the squad. It took just one man to turn the tide. 

Massimiliano Allegri’s departure is confirmed but all credit goes to him for rebuilding and revitalizing this team since his appointment in 2021. Juventus’ Andrea Pirlo era didn’t go according to plan and Allegri was called back into action after a two-year hiatus. He took the club in its shambles and raised it to experience the night of winning the Coppa Italia. The Old Lady are used to winning but lifting silverware after enduring dire circumstances is an achievement to be cherished for a long time. 

I read an article around a year back where it was said that Juventus and Manchester United have fallen from grace. Indeed, the bigger the club’s history and stature, the tougher it is to rebuild it from ruins. Massimiliano Allegri has been the architect of the Turin-based giants’ success in this century and he has shown yet again that his football is something not sweet to the eye but calming to the heart. 

When Dusan Vlahovic’s opener struck on the scoreboard in the 4th minute, the Bianconeri fans all over the world saw that faint glimpse of light which they had longed to see. They knew that they were going to win this battle. Allegri’s game management from thereon had been spot on. Yes, he was criticised for his actions which led him to be sent off but the mentality he ingrains inside his players is formidable and unmatched.

Managers often struggle to prevent the influence of official or legal club matters from affecting their players. The Coppa Italia champions have failed to keep things at peace outside of the pitch. Still, Massimiliano Allegri always ensured that external distractions did not reach the bonds of his team. This is one of the toughest jobs as a manager but he has excelled quite emphatically through his confidence, experience and leadership from the sidelines.

We do not know whether the 56-year-old will coach another team after his exit but this legendary manager will forever flourish in the legacy of Italian football. Max Allegri became the only manager to have five Coppa Italia titles to his name. This achievement stood as a testament to his genius. He had consecrated his name long back. God blessed Italian football with such a man of the game.



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