Lazio boss Igor Tudor set to resign from club

Serie A side Lazio seem set to lose manager Igor Tudor, who will soon present his resignation to the club.

Tudor has been linked with an exit from the Biancocelesti since they failed to sign Daichi Kamada on a new deal and he is now set to join Crystal Palace. Tudor saw Kamada as a key part of his project and he now feels that his vision doesn’t align with the Roman giants.

La Lazio Siamo Noi now report that Tudor will present his resignation to Lazio in the next few hours and parties will proceed with a mutual termination. The exit could happen soon and two meetings have already been held in the last couple of days between the club’s higher-ups and Tudor.

Apart from not having the same vision as the club, Tudor also didn’t have a great relationship with the club’s players. Lazio are now already looking for potential replacements and the idea of a return for Maurizio Sarri could gain prominence at some point soon.





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