Verona sporting director slams referees after Inter win: “Today, something shameful happened”

Hellas Verona sporting director Sean Sogliano has slammed the refereeing in Inter’s win over the Gialloblu, as an apparent foul took place in the build-up to a Nerrazzurri goal.

Davide Frattesi scored a late winner against Verona but the game didn’t end there. Thomas Henry had the chance to make it 2-2 in the 99th minute but he missed the penalty. Footage showed that in the build up to the Frattesi goal, Bastoni had elbowed a Verona player but the goal stood.

In the post-game press conference, Verona manager Marco Baroni didn’t appear. Sporting director Sean Sogliano was on media duties and he was vocal about the refereeing and the failure to spot the foul in the build-up to the Frattesi goal.

He said: “I’m sorry not to talk about football, but I’m disappointed by the episode of Inter’s 2-1 win. I’m not a moralist, Verona comes every year and loses at San Siro, the ‘Inter is a great team and I wish them to win the championship. But today there was a great lack of respect towards us. We all make mistakes, the referees, the players, the coaches, the journalists, the managers make them. What happened today is absurd, because if we talk about VAR it is inconceivable not to cancel a goal for an elbow on one of our players.

“Maybe you don’t give a damn and I don’t want to be a whiner, but this is a sensational lack of respect for a city, for the fans, for us who work hard like this every day. I’m really disappointed, I’m sorry for the tone but I don’t understand what we’re talking about: I’ve never done an interview to talk about VAR, because I trust you, but today something shameful happened.”

Whether the issue gets more highlighted remains to be seen but Sogliano’s comments send a very damning message to the league’s higher-ups and wil surely catch attention.





Kaustubh Pandey | GIFN

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