Serie A sells domestic TV rights

After revoking Mediapro’s offer last month, Serie A has found a new deal for the domestic TV rights.

The Italian league will receive a total of €973.3 million each season over the next three years.

Sky Italia will pay €780 million annually for two packages of the games while Perform will pay €193.3 million a year for the third package.

Between their two packages, Sky Italia will broadcast seven matches each match day and Perform will broadcast three matches each giornata.

“It’s a very important day for Italian football, as after a long negotiation process started circa a year ago, the TV rights have finally been sold,” said Lega Serie A President Gaetano Micciché.

“If we calculate TV rights sold abroad – and we haven’t completed all of those yet – the overall worth of Italian football has climbed to €1.4 billion.”

Mediapro are currently suing Serie A over the retraction of the original agreement.

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