Agnelli | “Capital increase to maintain competitiveness”

Juventus owner Andrea Agnelli revealed the reasons for a €300 million capital increase at the club today.

“The important topic for us today was the approval to proceed with the capital increase of 300 million,” Agnelli told the specially arranged press conference.

“A capital increase aimed at maintaining sports competitiveness, strengthening the Juventus brand in international markets and economic-financial consolidation.

“From June 30, 2010, we have gone from a capitalisation of 162 million to a capitalisation of almost a billion and a half at June 30, 2019. So, the shareholders, including myself, as I sit on the board, were particularly pleased.

“The capital increase would not have been necessary, but it is a strategic choice to finance further growth. The agreed plan must lead Juventus to further enhancement, but this is part of the very essence of a listed company that is part of a group that is also listed.”

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