Conte: Inter have started reduce the gap to Juve

Inter boss Antonio Conte insisted that his side “have started to reduce the gap” that Juventus have created over the last eight years of domination in Serie A during his pre-match press conference.

“We are the teams that have done the best so far, but our value will become clear later in the season: only time will tell what our ambitions are. Tomorrow it will take courage, Juve are ironclad and an example, kudos to those who knew how to build it up over time.

“The defeat with Barcelona can make us understand where we need to improve again. To reach certain levels we still have to forge our own path.

“I hope soon to be able to count on more players, the spread of energy is a fundamental aspect of our season. We are only at the beginning and now the tank is full, so if you start this way you will be energised.”

Conte was asked about a petition signed by 15,000 Juventus fans, asking president Andrea Agnelli to remove the former midfielder’s star from the stadium walk of fame.

“I’m sorry that even Agnelli had to intervene, by doing so he gave importance to a vulgar proposal that is devoid of values, therefore space is given to the ignorant. I really don’t want to touch on the subject, the blame is often due to the media that leave room for these situations: in this way hatred and violence are stirred.

“Juve has its own idea of football, it has a physiognomy, a habit, players who only know how to win. Everything is there. It is a team that every year adds rather than replace, managing to go higher and higher. A gap has been created, but we have started a path to reduce it.”

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