Danilo on Manchester, Turin, Sarri & Pep

In a revealingly honest interview, Juventus full-back Danilo has given his opinion on the differences between Turin and the city he just left, while also taking time to compare Maurizio Sarri and Pep Guardiola. 

“Turin is very different to Manchester,” he told Brazilian newspaper Globo Esporte. “The fans are much more passionate, they stop you in the street. I like it, they come across more affectionate and motivated.

“I’m gradually getting to know the city and I feel good. I’ve already realised that the cuisine here is spectacular. In Manchester, I only had a handful of options to eat well. In Italy, instead, the culinary culture is extraordinary. We must be careful not to gain any weight!

“Sarri has modern ideas, he likes to keep a high defensive line and he wants us to keep the ball,” Danilo continued. “In this regard, it wasn’t a big change for me and I feel perfectly at ease. Sarri and Guardiola are very similar in many ways, especially in their meticulous approach to tactics and movement.

“They thoroughly study opponents and the moves needed to predict every single situation. It was all extremely mechanical at City, working on every step and every inch. Sarri, on the other hand, is a bit more flexible, giving more freedom to individual initiative.

“In any case, their models are the same and it takes time to get used to. It took two years with Guardiola. I think this Juventus, despite not being with them for long, are doing well and are on the right track.”

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