Former Milan owner Yonghong Li breaks long silence

Former AC Milan owner Yonghong Li has finally broken his silence after he lost control of the club to hedge fund Elliott Management back in July 2018.

After some questioned how genuine his newly-opened Twitter account was, the Chinese businessman verified its authenticity, posting two pictures of himself watching the Rossoneri in action versus Napoli on Saturday evening.

His social media presence opened with a statement, one that offered help to the struggling side.

“I’m a lifelong fan of my beloved #Rossoneri (@acmilan), and their future matters to me today as much as it ever did. I’m so sad at the way things are going now. If there’s any way I can still help, I will. I want to talk and to listen,” read the Twitter account.

“But I really don’t speak English or Italian too well, so I’ve had to stay out of Twitter up to now. But some English-speaking friends are helping translate for me.

“So here I am! I’ll be tweeting here from now on, with my thoughts about football, and in particular, anything involving the Rossoneri.

“You may wonder why someone born in China fell in love with an Italian club. But lots of us did. Italian football was the first international football to be broadcast on TV in China.

“And the most magical, most legendary Italian club of all was AC Milan. I was a fan from the day I could kick a football.

“When I had the opportunity to invest, and to put my financial support behind the Rossoneri, I was so happy to do so, not as a venture capitalist looking for a quick profit, but as a real fan in a position to help the club I loved.

“I had clear plans for the future. But plans were dismantled, and I was suddenly no longer the owner of my beloved AC Milan.

“I have not walked away. If I have the opportunity to help again, then certainly I will. Meanwhile, let’s talk together!”

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